We drive project delivery and develop solutions that streamline client decision-making, allowing our team to optimise project deployment, daily operations, delivery and handover. Our objective is to make sure each stage of the project is given the right tools to ensure project completion. Our teams experience and understanding of local work standards and methodologies, combined with decades of international experience, is what has allowed us to develop systems to streamline current methods, to give clients better results and set industry standards. Through our collective expertise in development, construction, and operations, we are able to offer clients a level of insight across the asset lifecycle and a service that no other consultant can offer.


To ensure a project is off to great start and everyone involved in its delivery is on the same page, we help create tailored schedules to help relevant parties have clear visibility on project milestones, minimise delays give clients real-time progress of tasks, resources and costs.


To ensure the project is off to a right start, our team diligently defines project goals and deliverables with total transparency by creating detailed scopes of work. This allows clients to be given a clear view on what matters most to get a project over the line.


To safeguard the project and its schedule, ICS helps put in place a document control process to track and manage any developments, issues and progress of a project that comes in the form of documents. The project record is crucial to ensuring transparency and that the necessary information is managed for better decisionmaking and project success.


With our team’s complete oversight on the entire process of a project, we understand the importance of commissioning as a criticalstage of the project lifecycle and we work with clients to integrate commissioning and testing throughout all stages of theproject to ensure a smooth delivery.


ICS believes that a project handover is a process and not an event. This ensures a flawless transition by providing clients and their projects with a committed and experienced team to proactively work towards a smooth handover from early on in the project.


ICS provides assistance with the design process across all stages of the project and ensuring that the project follows the design guidelines and adheres to the set schedule. This allows the clients to have better control over budget and avoid unnecessary miscommunications.

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