We work with clients early on to provide strategic guidance on value engineering through design and procurement solutions, and working towards minimising the development budget. Our team works to help identify and mitigate risks, ensure the design is thoroughly planned, using feasibility studies, historic market data, cost planning and cost monitoring services from pre-contract inception through to completion and post-contract services.

In liaison with our partners in real estate, land acquisition and joint venture funding we attempt to bridge the market gap providing a holistic solution to fulfil client visions.


We assist our clients in making sure they understand not just the current value of a piece of land, but also the future value through development. This allows ICS to alleviate risk and ensure the proposed project is financially viable and profitable. This service endeavors to prevent capital outlay before being proven feasible.

Construction cost estimation and planning is a fundamental tool to providing the client with realistic budget expectations prior to appointing contractors.

In order to maximize return on investment, our specialists aim to consistently review design and value engineer unnecessary cost and yielding better margins.

sing a pre-qualification questionnaire, we help clients save valuable time by vetting companies to ensure the success of the project. Our questionnaires are tailored to always match the project and clients requirements.

ICS works with a range of architectural firms for bringing designs to life, coupled with our in-house Architects and Interior designers, we strive to materialise client concepts.

Our Structural engineer services range from concept design through to detailed calculations. By providing this holistic service in one practice we are able to streamline collaboration across the board, meaning we are able to efficiently design out unneeded cost.

This unique exercise allows us to amalgamate all of our services into a specific project concept. Allowing ICS to influence the design proposals will ensure the land use and projects maximize efficiency whilst influencing higher returns.

By producing detailed bill of quantities, we can effectively price the construction work and measure accurately the monthly construction costs and forecasted final projections.


Following on from the PQQ stage, ICS will tailor the construction tendering process to only the most professional contractors providing a detailed report on prices and summarize findings prior to entering into Contracts to ensure due diligence and best value for money.

To ensure our clients are not only aware of their initial outlay cost, we will analyze the project schedule and provide a projection of the monthly outlays for budgeting and funding purposes.

We always look into the future, ensuring that your future maintenance expenditure is given serious consideration for your project. Life Cycle Costing is an important economic analysis used in the selection of alternatives that impact both pending and future costs. It compares initial investment options and identifies the least cost alternatives for a twenty-year period.