Who we are

ICS is a multi-disciplinary construction company that provides international and local clients with independent and value-driven solutions from project feasibility all the way to construction, across all industries.

Established by a team of young and driven professionals that combines over 16 years of collective experience in the field of project management, construction and real-estate development, ICS brings unique value proposition to clients and their projects.

Through our experience in developed and emerging markets, we understand the need to provide clients with tailored services and adaptive solutions to respond to rapidly changing economic and development landscapes.

Our experience in Cambodia and abroad has allowed ICS to establish a carefully curated network of trusted specialist partners from around the world across multiple industries, and allow ICS to provide clients with turnkey construction solutions across all phases of construction



At ICS we listen, reflect and advise to ensure that the client takes the best course of action given the project at hand. We believe that each client has more than just an idea in mind and by listening we can help take an idea and turn it into a vision.


Finding tailored solutions that allow clients to adapt to the requirements of both developed and emerging market has been fundamental in ensuring every project’s success in one of Southeast Asia’s most dominant economy.


A collaborative approach to any project is key to its success. It allows important actors to come together, understand the shared goals and create a fluid process towards achieving these goals.


As an innovation and solution driven company, our directors’ mission is to move businesses and projects into the future and to contribute to their success.

As an innovation and solution driven company, our directors’ mission is to move businesses and projects into the future and to contribute to their success.

Mr. Khaou Vivaddhana

Mrs. Khaou Christine

Mr. Lim Hour Nito


I.C. Solutions has always been committed to contributing to the growth of Cambodia’s economy and giving back to its communities. In 2018, members of our executive board have founded Project Aokas, a project for at-risk-youth that provides martial art opportunities, as well as work experience and guidance, and have since continued to provide support.

The project has committed to developing a new generation of forward-thinking problem solvers that have the tools necessary to succeed in any endeavor they decide to pursue. Project Aokas has produced some of Cambodia’s first national Jiu Jitsu athletes, and continues to help support young individuals with big aspirations.

Children With Disabilities
Current And Former Cambodian National Jiu Jitsu Athletes
Communities Across Phnom Penh

Inclusive Cambodia has been operating in Phnom Penh for the last 4 years, working with families on Koh Dach island providing crucial therapy services for children with disabilities and assisting with poverty alleviation. In 2020, Project Aokas joined forces with Inclusive Cambodia to form a unique NGO that now works with children with disabilities and provides sport opportunities to all.

People Assisted Through Poverty Alleviation
Disabled Children Receiving Regular Therapy
Youth Community Center For Sports And Therapy In Cambodia
Disabled Children Integrated Into Mainstream Schooling
Rehabilitation Assistant Trained – First In Cambodia