Cambodia’s economic development has seen considerable growth since the mid-1990s, only to reg­ister year-on-year GDP growth since the early 2000s.

This growth has led to a rapid expansion of infrastructure across the country to support the rise of commerce, tourism, trade and agriculture.

With rapidly growing cities the country has gone into overdrive to meet infrastructure demand, irre­spective of construction material quality and building methods.

OUR TEAM believes that world class standards and structural integrity can be maintained all the while bring­ing clients cost effective solutions, as well as green and sustainable solutions.

With globally recognised accreditation such as MRICS and MCIOB, and over 20 years of international experience in the Americas, Europe and Asia, our team is dedicated adapting global solutions to meet local demands that consistently exceeds industry standards.

ICS’s holistic approach provides tailored services that al­lows the company to support any phase of a project, in any industry, while helping minimise exposure to risk and cost fluctuations.

From Cost Consultation to Design and Project Management, we support our clients in their pursuit for success.

Our company also supplies the market with innovative and sustainable products that allow our clients to complete construction projects with a lowered cost and lowered en­vironmental footprint.


is to help change the construction in­dustry’s landscape by providing clients with smarter and greener solutions that contribute to the sustainability of our businesses and our future. By embracing new solutions to ongoing global issues and tailoring them for the domestic market, we strive to fill this void in the market and provide innovative solutions.


is to help businesses move into the future and contribute to their success, while keeping their carbon footprint in mind and benefitting future generations.