Leveraging off our team’s strengths, technical knowledge, analytical and forward-thinking abilities, we strive to provide the market with tailored ser­vices that assist clients in successfully completing their construction proj­ects, in any industry, while also minimising their exposures to risk, delays and budget fluctuations.

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  • Quantity Surveying

  • Cost Planning

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  • Document Control

  • Design Coordination

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‘Our services can be selected for any phase of a project’


– Assisting clients with cost control

We work with clients early on to provide strategic guidance on value engi­neering through design and procurement solutions, and working towards minimising the development budget.

Our team works to help identify and mitigate risks, ensure the design is thor­oughly planned, using feasibility studies, historic market data, cost plan­ning and cost monitoring services from pre-contract inception through to completion and post-contract services.

In liaison with our partners in real estate, land acquisition and joint venture funding we attempt to bridge the market gap providing a holistic solution to fulfill client’s visions


“Our team of international consultants are committed to working with clients to help provide them the with projects on their terms and budget.”

Cost Management : Quantity Surveying Services


Value Engineering

Cost Planning

Pre-Contract Phase

Project Feasibility Studies

Cost Controlling : Pre-Contract Phase

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‘Services to move businesses into the future’


– Better & faster projects delivered more efficiently

We drive project delivery and develop solutions that streamline client decision-making, allowing our team to optimise project deployment, daily operations, delivery and handover.

Our objective is to make sure each stage of the project is given the right tools to ensure project completion.

ICS’s understanding of local work standards and methodologies, combined with decades of international experience, is what has allowed us to develop systems to streamline current methods, to give clients better results and set industry standards.

Our team of project management consultants don’t just assist with project support, they can also work with clients directly to create and define comprehensive internal processes to optimise company efficiency to benefit clients on a long term basis. Through our collective expertise in development, construction, and operations, we are able to offer clients a level of insight across the asset lifecycle and a service that no other consultant can offer.


“Our teams experience and understanding of local work standards is what has allowed us to develop systems to streamline current methods.”

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